The Blessings Christians enjoy …

Chosen by God; election 

Adoption into God’s family 

Forgiveness of sin

Insight into God’s will 

An eternal inheritance 

The seal of the Spirit 

God’s mercy and love 

Wisdom and knowledge 

Divine power 

Spiritual life

The promise of eternal kindness 

The knowledge that God’s plan for us is good 

Unity and peace with all believers 

Heavenly citizenship 

Access to God through Christ 

The Responsibilities Christians have…

To keep the unity of the Spirit

To use our abilities for the church’s benefit 

To keep growing and maturing 

To put away old, sinful ways 

To speak honestly and purely 

To do what the Spirit leads us to do 

To imitate God 

To walk in love 

To find out what is acceptable to the Lord 

To make the most of our time 

To be filled with the Spirit 

To submit to one another

To have marriages that honor God 

To honor God in our families 

To demonstrate integrity in the workplace/school

To stand strong against the forces of evil

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